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uProfiles of 2018

11 uProfiles, 14 uProfilers

Now, how do these numbers add up? 🤔

It’s quite simple actually; we announced the re-birth of uProfile in January 2018 and already in February we had the first one ready! It turned out it wasn’t too difficult to find awesome people in our community that would both nominate others as well as happily share their own Umbraco story 🙌 This also meant that we have had no problems in keeping the uProfile-ball rolling, month after month ever since.

But 14 uProfilers in 11 months? 🤔 The simple explanation for these numbers is that we have had 2 special editions of uProfiles this year - uProfiles that needed to be more than 1 person for obvious reasons (you’ll see once you read them 😉)

Enough about numbers! Because that’s not really what’s interesting here - it’s the content, the stories.

Each uProfiler have been asked more or less the same questions, however, as you’ll discover in a minute, each of them has their own story to tell, their own experiences, favourite moments, advise, background and interests. And that’s what’s so fantastic about uProfile - you really get to see the diversity in the Umbraco community as well as all the different ways to be “active” and to “contribute”.

A humongous H5YR to all 2018 uProfilers

Now, let’s have a look at all of them again (and give you the chance to catch up if you’ve missed any throughout the year 😉)   

uProfiles of the year 2018

February 2018: Nathan Woulfe 🇦🇺

We started out with a trip to the land down under. With a story from the man who works with Umbraco every day, creates packages and was a speaker at the very first Australian Umbraco Festival which took place this year.  

Unfold Nathan’s uProfile

Nathan Woulfe

March 2018: Matt Brailsford 🇬🇧

A true Umbraco veteran. An MVP, a creator of extremely popular Umbraco packages (you are probably using some of them!) and the person behind the Umbraco developer retreat; CODECABIN.

Unfold Matt’s uProfile   


April 2018: Emma Burstow 🇬🇧

You don’t need years and years of Umbraco experience to become a uProfile. With “just” two years under her Umbraco-belt, Emma has already been super active and showed great interest in the Umbraco community. Very inspiring - especially for newbies!

Unfold Emma’s uProfile

Emma Burstow

May 2018: Callum Whyte and Marcin Zajkowski 🇬🇧 🇵🇱

Now here’s some double trouble - or double joy! These two Umbracians keep the community updated on the latest Umbraco news each Friday with their YouTube live stream: UmbraCoffee. Oh, and then they are also the organisers of the UK and the Poland Umbraco festivals!

Callum & Marcin’s uProfile

June 2018: Anders Bjerner 🇩🇰

Packages, help on Our and a volunteer in the Umbraco PR team. If you want an example of a super active and dedicated community member, look no further:

Unfold Anders’ uProfile

Anders Bjerner

July 2018: Poornima Nayar 🇬🇧

With 7 years of Umbraco experience, Poornima definitely knows a thing or two about Umbraco! She’s an active community member, a member of the Umbraco PR team and her Umbraco enthusiasm has already rubbed off on her 3-year-old daughter!

Unfold Poornima’s uProfile

August 2018: Kevin Meilander 🇺🇸

Kevin is a true Umbraco-fan. What he’s most proud of is the point in time when he fully embraced Umbraco, making his work-life a lot more enjoyable.

Unfold Kevin’s uProfile


September 2018: Henk Boelman 🇳🇱

Henk is an active member of the Dutch Umbraco User Group and even though his day-job doesn’t involve Umbraco, he’s still very active in the community. He even shared his knowledge about AI and Umbraco at Codegarden 2018.

Unfold Henk’s uProfile

October 2018: Emma Ekholm 🇸🇪

The Umbraco community and awareness is growing rapidly in Sweden. With an initiative like the Umbraco Sweden Festival, the word of Umbraco gets spread even further! Emma plays an essential role in making this happen.

Unfold Emma’s uProfile


November 2018: Alan Mac Kenna 🇮🇪

Read the story about the man who made it possible to talk Umbraco whilst enjoying a Guinness. Alan has been in the community for years, and then he makes sure to travel the world to visit Umbraco festivals in order to keep up with the latest Umbraco news and friends.

Unfold Alan’s uProfile

December 2018: Dave, Chriztian and Jan 🇧🇪 🇩🇰 🇩🇰

For our December uProfile we knew who we wanted: The team behind “24 days in Umbraco”. Who better for this month and to finish of the year than these 3 extremely dedicated community members!

Dave, Chriztian & Jan’s uProfile

What a year! 😃

So how about 2019? Well, we know our community is bursting with talented and dedicated people ready to share their Umbraco stories so we will, of course, continue! 

Do you know someone who would be perfect as a uProfile (maybe even yourself 😉 )? Then go to Our and find a description of what it takes and how you're able to nominate a uProfile candidate who you think deserves to be given some spotlight due to their Umbraco journey or difference they make in the Umbraco community 🙌

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uProfile December 2018: Dave, Chriztian and Jan

Hold your reindeers! This December’s uProfile is particularly special. Not only does it not just include one person - but 3, it is also highly relevant as the 3 December uProfilers are doing something extremely awesome and inspiring for the entire Umbraco community - right now! We are proud the have Dave, Chriztian and Jan as the December uProfile. As you may have guessed, they are the 3 guys behind the jolly Christmas initiative: 24 Days in Umbraco.

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