Call yourself an Umbraco Master 🏆

If you decide to take the full suite of Umbraco training courses you can order new business cards with the title: Umbraco Certified Master. You’ve now acquired all the available official Umbraco certifications. A final step that may not be for everyone - only the truly hardcore Umbracians.

At the moment, calling yourself an Umbraco Certified Master requires a total of 300 certification points.

Order the master bundle and save money!

Interested in a packaged solution that will save you both time and money? Take a look at our special Master Bundle which will fast track you to the Umbraco Certified Master status while saving you a very generous €800 (the price of 1 course!)

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If you are a company or team looking for training of many people at once, we also offer flexible
on-site training.

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