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All courses are taught in the latest version of Umbraco so you can be sure you know how best to take advantage of the latest features and functionalities.

If you want to know more about the content and agenda of each course - including all the stuff you'll be able to do after passing the courses -  dig into the full course descriptions below.

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1 day, online or on-demand

Learn how to create an Umbraco site from scratch, using only the latest best practices and features.

The ideal introduction for both frontend and backend developers with basic knowledge of web development; HTML, CSS, Javascript.

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Extending the Backoffice
1 day, online

Learn how to take full advantage of all the Umbraco backoffice can offer.

Suited for both frontend and backend developers who want to extend the UI for performing custom tasks in the Umbraco backoffice.

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Umbraco Cloud Developer

1 day, online or on-demand

Obtain a full understanding of best practises, workflows and technical insight into how Umbraco Cloud works.

For both frontend and backend developers who are about to, or currently, work with Umbraco Cloud and want to take advantage of all that it has has to offer.

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MVC and Visual Studio

1 day, online 

Work with the Umbraco core APIs, and learn about powerful debugging, performance tuning and the many extension points Umbraco offers.

Perfect for backend developers who want to extend Umbraco functionality with their own code.

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Application Integration

1 day, online 

Learn how you approach the complex integrations of 3rd party data and business logic when connecting a 3rd party application with Umbraco.

Ideal for backend developers using ASP.NET MVC who are looking to integrate a website into Umbraco.

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Security in Umbraco

1 day, online or on-demand

How to best secure your Umbraco site? You'll be given hands-on tips that you can take home and implement to your site straight away, securing your Umbraco sites from hackers and potential threats.

Suited for Umbraco developers, designers and administrators alike.

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Load Balancing in Umbraco

1 day, online

Be confident that your Umbraco site is always available - no matter how popular it gets! Learn how best to set up and control load balancing for your Umbraco site. 

Perfect for backend developers, ops engineers, and database administrators looking to load balance their Umbraco websites.

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Searching and Indexing 

1 day, online

Learn how to optimize the search function on your website using Examine, making it a breeze for your visitors to find relevant content.

For the ASP.NET MVC backend developer who wants to build real-world search applications with Umbraco.

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Content Management Certification

Umbraco Content Editor Certification
Half day, online or on-demand

Learn how to operate Umbraco as an editor: creating, updating and managing your content and media.

Just the thing for content editors, project managers, decision makers...and anyone curious about the possibilities of content creation.

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Umbraco Accessibility Course

Umbraco Accessibility Certification 
2 hours, on-demand

Get hands-on tips on how to make your Umbraco website more accessible for more visitors.

A great starting point to upping your knowledge around website accessibility and start creating websites that will be more helpful and friendly to more people. 

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