Get the Fundamentals down - and your first official Umbraco title!

This first certification step is for everyone who wants to ensure they have the right knowledge to create complete projects in Umbraco following the latest best practices. Perfect for newbies and very useful for experienced Umbraco users who want to take advantage of the latest features and break out of old habits.

By completing the Umbraco Fundamentals course you will earn 100 Certification Points and thus, your first official Umbraco title: Umbraco Certified Professional

Next step?

Or should we say; next level? Become more specialised and learn how to take full advantage of Umbraco features and functions. All while earning more certification points thus, levelling up on both skills and official certification status.

Aim for Umbraco Certified Expert, or go all the way and be able to call yourself an Umbraco Certified Master.

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