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  • Runs .NET 8 + ASP.NET Core 8 ✔️
  • Webhooks ✔️
  • Higher flexibility in the content deliver API ✔️
  • Offers Blocks with structured data in the Rich Text Editor ✔️
  • Improved performance ✔️
  • Long-term supported ✔️

Umbraco 13 is the current active and long-term supported version of Umbraco - available on Umbraco Cloud and NuGet.

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Main Features

This major version of Umbraco CMS is all about enhancing the developer experience and performance in Umbraco

Latest Microsoft .NET technology and updated dependencies

Umbraco 13 runs on the latest long-term supported version of Microsoft .NET (.NET 8 and ASP.NET Core 8) as well as the latest version of C# (12). We make sure you get all the latest performance benefits and you can take full advantage of the functionality that ships with these versions.

In Umbraco 13, we've taken the opportunity to update ImageSharp, the image processing library used in the CMS, to the latest version bringing a host of improvements to performance, security, and more.

What's in ASP.NET Core 8
What's in C# 12
What's in ImageSharp 3.1

Customized Headless Delivery

With Umbraco 13, you now have a full suite of built-in headless features at your fingertips: Content Delivery API, Media Delivery API, Preview, and Webhooks. There's no need for extra installations or the time-consuming task of developing your own headless API. Simply toggle the switch, and you're ready to roll.

All sites running Umbraco 13+ will have the option of using the Content Delivery API - as pure headless, or a hybrid approach together with standard templates and views.

Features and improvements in Umbraco 13 

Structured Blocks in the Rich Text Editor

Experience the exciting introduction of Blocks within the Rich Text Editor.

This enhancement brings the well-known experience with structured data from the Block List and Block Grid into the Rich Text Editor, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate and showcase blocks directly within the Rich Text Editor.

Main features since Umbraco 10 LTS

If you haven't upgraded since the last LTS version of Umbraco, here are some of the main features and improvements added to Umbraco that an upgrade will also grant you access to: 

  • Headless Capabilities in the core: Umbraco 13 features an array of headless options, including Content Delivery API, Media Delivery API, Preview, and Webhooks, all integrated into the core. No extra installations or custom API development is needed— just activate and go.
  • Tiny MCE: The latest TinyMCE version enhances Umbraco with advanced Rich Text Editor features. Plus, with Tiny MCE version 6, you can access premium Tiny plugins for additional functionality.

  • Customizable Maintenance Page: With a now fully customizable maintenance page, you'll have a simple way to nicely show if your site is e.g. under maintenance. You can also choose to continue showing your website while Umbraco is in upgrade mode.

  • EF Core Support: Entity Framework Core is now available in Umbraco ready to be used in your extensions or custom integrations. This way, you'll be able to work with your preferred tools while benefitting from working within Umbraco scopes/transactions.
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A Long-Term Supported Version

Umbraco 13 is the second major version of Umbraco that follows our LTS release cadence, ensuring that the Umbraco LTS versions follow the Microsoft .NET LTS versions. Umbraco 13 is running .NET 8 and both are long-term-supported until Q4 2026.

Umbraco 13 is the active version of Umbraco with new features and functionality until Umbraco 14 is released in Q2 2024. Following this, Umbraco 13 will continue to get 24 months of bugs, regression, and security fixes followed by a final 12 months of security fixes. 

By having your website/project on an LTS version, you can be sure it's safe for 36 months without any breaking changes. 

Learn about Umbraco LTS and EOL

Release overview
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Get started with Umbraco 13 today

Umbraco version 13 was released on December 14, 2023, and is available on Umbraco Cloud and NuGet.

If you want to dive further into the Umbraco 13 benefits, you can find this in the Umbraco 13 release blog post and the release note here

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