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Upgrade to Umbraco Cloud

It's not only possible - but easy to upgrade your Umbraco CMS site to Umbraco Cloud

Your Umbraco site has to fulfill these requirements:

Sites running Umbraco version 8 or later:

  • Your site must be running the latest minor version of Umbraco 8 or later
  • It must contain no member data
    • If you do have member data, these will need to be imported manually after the migration
  • Has no obsolete/old packages
    • Not all packages will work on Umbraco Cloud
  • Isn’t a site that has been upgraded from versions below Umbraco 7
    • Legacy code from older versions can potentially cause issues

For the full guide on how to upgrade to Umbraco Cloud, please see the official documentation. 

Sites running Umbraco version 9, please contact us and we'll help you find a solution. 

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Need support during the upgrade?

If you have purchased an Umbraco Cloud Professional plan, Umbraco HQ will help you upgrade your site to Umbraco Cloud, provided that the above requirements are met.

Umbraco Cloud sites are not limited

These requirements are only relevant when upgrading sites that involve importing legacy code and data structures.

Need help?

Do you have more questions about upgrading to Umbraco Cloud? 

Fill out the form below with the questions you have and we will get back to you. 


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