Get a head start with Umbraco 12

  • Runs .NET 7 + ASP.NET Core 7 ✓
  • Introducing an all-new headless Content Delivery API ✓
  • Support for Entity Framework Core ✓ 
  • Updated dependencies incl. ImageSharp 3 ✓ 
  • Improved performance ✓

Umbraco 12 is the current active version of Umbraco - available on Umbraco Cloud and NuGet.

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Umbraco 12 Number Only

Main Features

This major version of Umbraco CMS is all about enhancing the developer experience and performance in Umbraco

As headless as you need

With Umbraco 12, and the much anticipated Content Delivery API, you now get headless capabilities out-of-the-box in Umbraco CMS. No additional installation is required, no need to spend time on writing your own headless API - just flick the switch and you’re good to go.

All sites running Umbraco 12+ will have the option of using the Content Delivery API - as pure headless, or a hybrid approach together with standard template sand views. 

Support for Entity Framework Core 

Umbraco 12 also introduces support for the popular EF Core (Entity Framework Core) library. EF Core eliminates the need for writing repetitive and boilerplate database access code.

The EF Core support added in Umbraco 12 is focused on making it easier for developers to create and maintain custom database tables and data in a performant way with access to the Umbraco context and services required.

Features and improvements for Umbraco 12

Latest .NET and updated dependencies

Umbraco 12 runs on the latest version of the Microsoft .NET framework (.NET 7 and ASP.NET Core 7) as well as the latest version of C# (11). We make sure you get all the latest performance benefits and you can take full advantage of the functionality that ships with these versions.

In Umbraco 12 we've taken the opportunity to update ImageSharp, the image processing library used in the CMS, to the latest version bringing a host of improvements to performance, security, and more. 

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How do I get my hands on Umbraco 12?

Umbraco 12 was released on June 29, 2023 - see the release blog post for more details.

Keep yourself updated on recent and upcoming releases in the monthly Product Update blog posts

Remember you can always take Nightly Builds for a spin if you want to see the very latest.

See the Umbraco 12 release notes for the full list of everything included in umbraco 12.


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