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Umbraco 7 to 8 Bridging Courses

Close your knowlegde-gap in the fastest and cheapest way

The smartest way to upgrade your skillset to Umbraco 8

The next generation of Umbraco is here. This calls for even better and simpler projects in Umbraco, and a need for a new skillset.

Well, maybe not completely new...

If you have already achieved official Umbraco skills in Umbraco 7, then your new Umbraco 8 skills are just a top-up away - at a fraction of the regular price!

Deadline coming up!  

Please be aware that you have to buy and pass the Bridging Courses by July 1st 2020. 

Faster, on-demand and at a fraction of the cost 

These are the top 4 reasons for going on the Bridging Courses: 

  • It's faster: each course only lasts between 1.5-3 hours as they only focus on teaching you the gaps between your Umbraco 7 and Umbraco 8 knowledge.  

  • It's on-demand: the Bridging Courses are recorded video tutorials which means you can watch, learn and get certified in Umbraco 8 whenever* and wherever it suits you. 

  •  It's cheap: regular Umbraco 8 training courses are priced between €1000-€1200. The Bridging Courses only cost between €300-€400.

  • It's saving you time and money now AND in the future: Making sure you're certified in the latest version of Umbraco means you'll also be entitled to any future Bridging Courses when a new major version of Umbraco is out. 

"If the Bridging Courses are shorter and cheaper - do I still get the same level of skills and certification points as a regular course? 🤔"

Yes, you do. 

The Bridging Courses have each been put together by the head of training at Umbraco HQ, Andrew Barta. The same person who’s responsible for the course material for our full Umbraco 8 courses.

No one better than Andrew knows the gaps between Umbraco 7 and 8 and it’s exactly these gaps he and his training sidekick, Morten, will teach you as all Bridging Courses build on top of the knowledge you’ve already gained from going on the full equivalent Umbraco 7 course.

And after passing the Bridging Course, your certification points will be moved from your Umbraco 7 to Umbraco 8 certification, as the points always follow the latest version of Umbraco you've become certified in. 


Who is able to take the Bridging Courses? 

These courses are only for the 7'ers. So if you have passed the Umbraco 7 course, you can go on the related Umbraco 8 Bridging Course.  

E.g. say you have already passed the Umbraco 7 Fundamentals and the Umbraco 7 Searching and Indexing course, this will then allow you to buy and take the equivalent Bridging Course for these two courses.

You will not be able to take the Bridging Course or get the certification points in Umbraco 8 if you have not already passed the equivalent Umbraco 7 course beforehand.  

Please be aware that the buyer of the Bridging Course needs to be the same person who's going on the Bridging Course (same name + email as your developer profile). If that's not possible, e.g. because you are buying for a group of developers, simply buy the course(s) and reach out to us with the names and emails matching the developer profiles of those who need to go on the courses you've bought. 

If you are currently an Umbraco Certified Master, please take a look at our very friendly Bridging Master Bundle deal!


For how long will the Bridging Courses be available? 

*You have to buy and pass the Bridging Courses by July 1st 2020. Following this date, the Bridging Courses will no longer be available and you'll have to get yourself on a regular Umbraco 8 course in order to upgrade your skill set and your qualification (you know, those full 1-day courses that cost between €1000-€1200). 

How do Bridging Courses work?

The Bridging Courses are recorded video tutorials, so you can watch them whenever and wherever. After purchase, you'll be given access to the Bridging Course that you've bought on our dedicated Umbraco video tutorial site: You'll also receive an email with step-by-step instructions on how to sign-in, view the course, take the test etc. Follow these instructions, and soon you can call yourself an Umbraco 8 certified developer! 🥇

Want a small preview of the course-format? Have a sneak peek of the intro to the Bridging: Umbraco Fundamentals: 


Buy the Bridging Courses now

Start upgrading your skills from Umbraco 7 to 8 today, so you can start building impressive and efficient projects in the new generation of Umbraco tomorrow:    

*All Bridging Courses must be bought and completed by July 1st 2020 in order to get the Umbraco 8 certification points. 

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