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GraphQL in Umbraco Heartcore

The icing on the cake of APIs

What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is an open-source data query and manipulation language that communicates between the client application and the Umbraco Heartcore server.

It’s like a modern alternative to REST APIs, but with selective data retrieval, from multiple levels, all with a single endpoint API.

We’re talking more control over what you retrieve, and more flexibility on what you can do.

All in a single request 

Say goodbye to overfetching - get it right the first time. With total control in defining and structuring each query, you’re guaranteed to get exactly the content you need. That means more spare time to give your solution some extra oomph. 

Bad bandwidth? No problem. 

Keeping the volume of data transfer lower means faster connection, better loading times for your clients. We’re sure that app developers will appreciate this one!

Creative freedom 

No need for front-end developers to wait around for an endpoint from a back-end developer. With GraphQL you can get straight to it.

Plus, you can tailor your queries to retrieve exactly the content you need to render.

Unbeatable delivery times

Your solutions will be up and running faster than ever, with a chunk of the workload gone. Plus, more power and more flexibility means less manpower needed. For agencies, that means better bang for your buck.

Faster troubleshooting

GraphQL creates an error message in the backend when something goes wrong and saves you tracking down the source of the issue yourself. So bring on the typos! 

No language limits

Are there any downsides?

For it to be so easy for the client and the user, doesn’t that mean there’s an extra workload somewhere else?

With GraphQL, the more complex queries mean more processing work for the server, and APIs take much more to manage and maintain. 

But luckily for you, Umbraco Heartcore takes care of these hefty tasks for you. Let us deal with the complexities, while you enjoy your new-found flexibility.

How do I get started?

If you’re on an Umbraco Heartcore Starter plan or higher, then you’re already good to go!

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Want to see how GraphQL makes your life easier?

We have a free 14 day trial waiting for you!

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