Here you find a timeline for Umbraco features, projects etc. that have been delivered and are ready for you to take advantage of. Each item on the timeline used to be found on The Umbraco Roadmap, but has been moved here because, well, it's all done! 

October 15, 2019

Umbraco 8.2

This version contains 91 features and fixes. Once again, there is a big focus on making the backoffice an even friendlier place to work. Both through numerous community contributions but also adding some new functionality to the rich text editor and further improvements to the cache layer - making both developers and content editors happier! 

Improved Rich Text Editor

Umbraco 8.2 contains the first round of improvements for the Rich Text Editor (RTE), performance improvements, drag and drop image upload and a whole lot more, making working and updating content in the RTE more delightful for content editors!

July 9, 2019

Umbraco 8.1.0

The first minor release of Umbraco 8 containing improvements to the editor and backoffice experience, content migration possibilities from Umbraco 7 to 8 and breaking changes. 

Read more about the 8.1.0 release: Release blog post; Umbraco 8.1 Release, release notes: Umbraco 8.1.0

Umbraco 7.15.0

The final planned minor release of Umbraco version 7. Including some new features, a security fix and a few bug fixes.

Read more about Umbraco 7.15.0: Release blog post; Umbraco 7.15 Release, release notes: Umbraco 7.15.0


Umbraco 7 to 8 migration

With the release of Umbraco 8.1.0, a built-in content migration tool was introduced to help support you in moving your Umbraco 7 sites to Umbraco 8. 

Read more about the migration: Release blog post; Umbraco 8.1., documentation; Umbraco Cloud: Migrate Umbraco 7 Cloud project to Umbraco 8, stand-alone Umbraco: Migrating content to Umbraco 8​

February 26, 2019

Umbraco version 8

5 years wait is finally over and Umbraco 8 is released with confetti 🎉 and cheers from the friendly Umbraco community. 

With Umbraco 8, we're introducing new features, new design, new code syntax and a new structure to the Umbraco CMS. All to improve your experience with Umbraco. The three major features in Umbraco 8 are:

  • Infinite Editing - a smoother, and more intuitive workflow for your editors in the Umbraco backoffice
  • Content Apps - improve your content with insightful data and tips directly in the backoffice
  • Language Variants - built-in features that support multilingual content 

More about Umbraco 8: blog post: Introducing Umbraco 8, Product info: Umbraco 8 

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