Lotte Pitcher
Umbraco Certified Master

Umbraco Certified Master is a developer with the highest level of developer certification. A Certified Master has committed to achieving all available Umbraco training courses and thereby has build up a 360 degree understanding of building applications on Umbraco.

  • Located in United Kingdom

  • Employed at: PAM Internet

  • Has a total certification score of: 300

Fundamentals MVC and Visual Studio Extending the backoffice Application Integration Searching and indexing

Lotte Pitcher's Umbraco training history

This is to certify that Lotte Pitcher has attended the following certification courses and passed the mandatory certification test.

Umbraco 7

CertificationAttendance datePoints
Searching and Indexing April 2018 50
Application Integration October 2017 50
MVC and Visual Studio October 2017 50
Extending the Backoffice October 2017 50
Fundamentals March 2017 100

Umbraco 4

CertificationAttendance datePoints
Level 2 (obsolete) August 2011 100
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Number of active members in the community
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