Umbraco Tee day

The Umbraco HQ Team

Meet our friendly faces!

We're not robots, corporate cowboys or basement hackers. We're just human beings. Like you. Or maybe there is a tiny robot hacker cowboy in all of us. You decide...

Meet the friendly faces of Umbraco HQ. Hardcore developers, communications astronauts, support warriors, friend-makers... all of those smiley, 6.13 percent crazy, simply amazing people who, together with our extraordinary community, make Umbraco happen.

Muslim Al-Ali

Muslim Al-Ali
QA & Support Engineer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Dedicated Investigator. Friendly helpful Samaritan. Superhero.
Non-Umbraco me: Music Enthusiast. Pro Gamer. Cat-Lover. Bodybuilder.
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profile pic poul

Poul A. L. Jensen
Friendly Cashier
Team: Fish Tank 

Umbraco me: Captain of finances and facilities. Favorite quote: "Excel is not only a tool... "
Non-Umbraco me: Fan of fatherhood, family and fishing (and not to forget: "Sea Bass - not catching one - just being on")...
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eric profile pic

Eric Frost
QA & Support Engineer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: SWAT member. Bad jokes galore. Tea drinker.
Non-Umbraco me: Cat fanatic. Washed up gamer aspiring reader. 
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vera profile pic

Vera Green
Partner Marketing Manager / Senior Content Specialist
Team: COMA

Umbraco me: Wordsmithing. Partner marketing. Brewer of delicious tea.
Non-Umbraco me: Impulsive plant collector. Unintentional plant killer. Tea snob. Spice Girl fan (yes, still!)
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Emma Burstow

Emma Burstow
Director of Developer Relations
Team: DevRel

Umbraco me: A techie and a talker, community FTW
Non-Umbraco me: Open water swimmer, owner of a very silly dog and mother to two lovely people.
Get to know Emma a little better

Javier profile picture

Javier Miranda

Umbraco me:
A very unusual Chief Marketing Officer
Non-Umbraco me:
Wine, food, art, videogames, music, literature, baskeball, board games, skateboard... and 2 young kids. Yes, I keep myself pretty busy
Get to know Javier a little better

Esha Noronha headshot

Esha Noronha
Documentarian & Youtuber
Team: S.W.A.T. 

Umbraco me:Friendly Documentarian and helpful YouTuber, creating one-stop documentation and videos.
Non-Umbraco me: Movie lover, part-time gamer, adventurer, camper, foodie.
Get to know Esha a little better

Jesper Lange Nielsen

Jesper Lange Nielsen
Support Warrior
Team: S.W.A.T. 

Umbraco me: The Carpenter, NPS Surgeon.
Non-Umbraco me: Beer drinker -  my favorite beer is free beer. Connoisseur of comedy TV. Gamer.
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profile pic Mikulas

Mikulas Tomanka
Umbraco Cloud Ninja
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Cloud developer. All the things tinkerer.
Non-Umbraco me: Apprentice hiker. Beer lover. Trekkie.
Get to know Mikulas a little better

bunny profile pic

The Rabbit
Umbraco HQ Entrance Guardian
Team: Unicorn Square

Umbraco me: Protecting things. Scaring people. Sworn Codegarden attendee.
Non-Umbraco me: Carrot enthusiast. Dreamer. Fashionista.

profile pic sergiu

Sergiu Tesu
Senior Technical Support Specialist

Umbraco me: Providing support for our amazing customers
Non-Umbraco me:
Anime enthusiast, TV-Series binge watcher, casual gamer and workout lover
Get to know Sergiu a little better

karita profile pic

Karita Kostiainen
Technical Support Specialist
Team: S.W.A.T.

Umbraco me: Your daily problem solver with an organized mind and a messy desk. Occasionally sarcastic. Always there for a heart to heart.
Non-Umbraco me: A dog-mom, loving sunsets, latin beats, and sauces. Find me from the dancefloor, or an ultimate frisbee field.

profile pic helle

Helle Kragelund
Partner Manager, Nordics
Team: The Suits 

Umbraco me: The female touch to The Suits. Love/hate relationship with Gmail. Fan of "keep it short & simple".
Non-Umbraco me: Sports enthusiast. Good coffee, flowers & green plants.

profile pic laura

Laura Adriana Gherlan
Business Development Representative
Team: The Suits

Umbraco me: Cultivating excellent relations with Umbraco customers.
Non-Umbraco me: A passionate lover of life and all living beings.

martin profile pic

Martin Wülser Larsen
OCD or Online Communications Dragoon
Team: COMA 

Umbraco me: Website master. Online marketing guru. Exceptional printer skills.
Non-Umbraco me: Passionate hiker. Wine lover. Multiple times pub quiz winner.
Get to know Martin a little better

ayesha profile pic
Ayesha Mushtaq
Customer Success Manager
Team: S.W.A.T.

Umbraco me: People’s person, Customer Relationship Whisperer!
Non-Umbraco me:
Green fingers, addicted to caffeine & love binge watching TV.

gabriel profile pic

Gabriel Ionut Brumea
Director of Support
Team: S.W.A.T. 

Umbraco me: Teaching Umbraco magic. The Rainbow in the Cloud.
Non-Umbraco me: Football maniac. Occasional gamer. Super Athlete.
Get to know Gabriel a little better

Sofie Toft Kristensen

Sofie Toft Kristensen
Documentarian & Umbraco Youtuber
Team: S.W.A.T. 

Umbraco me: Documentarian a.k.a. Docs Queen, Youtuber, Sofie in the Cloud.
Non-Umbraco me: Crochetess. Gamer. Selfie-queen.
Get to know Sofie a little better

Torben Frigaard Rasmussen

Torben Frigaard Rasmussen
Member of the Board 
Team: Umbraco HQ

Umbraco me: Helping Umbraco HQ realize its full potential. Encouraging, supporting and guiding Umbraco HQ through new territories. 
Non-Umbraco me: NFL fan. Wine lover. Enthusiastic deadlifter (current record - 210kg or 460lbs).

karen pic

Karen Koehler
Cheerful Brand Ambassador(CBA)

Umbraco me:
Senior Marketing Manager strategically driving Umbraco brand awareness across the USA.
Non-Umbraco me:
Humble dog servant, wine and cheese connoisseur, dad joke enthusiast, pizza snob. On a mission to pet all of the dogs in the world.
Get to know Karen a little better

profile pic kim

Kim Sneum Madsen
Chief Friend Maker
Team: Umbraco HQ

Umbraco me: Friend making. CEO of Umbraco.
Non-Umbraco me: Axes. Chainsaws. Forestry.
Get to know Kim a little better

Dan500x500 (1)

Dan Lister
Cloud Developer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Cloud Developer, Azure lover and software developer
Non-Umbraco me: Tech lover, golf ball hitter, music maker and footballer wannabe
Get to know Dan a little better

marie profile pic

Marie Franch Thiesson
People, Love and Culture Partner

Umbraco me:
Wanting to attract the best colleagues for everyone at Umbraco. Love to inspire and make sure that my colleagues are happy and motivated.
Non-Umbraco me:
Nature person and animal lover. More of a starter than a dessert kind of girl.
Get to know Marie a little better

profile pic kec

Kristian Egebæk-Carlsen
Forward Applications Synergist
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Delightful Developer. I put the feet in Cloud Feature Team. 
Non-Umbraco me: Football fanatic. Dog lover. Pork scratchings enthusiast.
Get to know Kristian a little better

mads profile pic
Mads Mørch Schou
Heartcore Senior Developer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Headless chicken (developer).
Non-Umbraco me:
Family Man, Guitar player, Camper.

Mathias procile pic

Mathias Tøndering
Steward of Reliable Operations
Team: Fish Tank 

Umbraco me: Compliance and IT Security.

Non-Umbraco me: Car enthusiast. Bike fanatic.

profile pic lee

Lee Kelleher
Senior Developer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Collaborator, hacker, problem solver.
Non-Umbraco me: Dysfunctional bassist, cinephile, puzzler and quizzer.

Eleftheria Tsatsi

Eleftheria Tsatsi
Partner Marketing Manager
Team: COMA 

Umbraco me: Structure junkie, SoMe savant, Visionary writer
Non-Umbraco me: Travel addict, amateur pianist, passionate scrapbooker
Get to know Eleftheria a little better

profile pic daniel

Daniel Deleuran Løkkegaard
Support Friend Maker
Team: The Suits 

Umbraco me: Support sales. Umbraco Unicorns striker. Friend maker.
Non-Umbraco me: Football enthusiast. Music nerd. Family man.
Get to know Daniel a little better

bjarke profile pic

Bjarke Mikkelsen Berg
Head of CMS
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Missionary of clean code and architecture.
Non-Umbraco me: Huge fan of beer, whisky, meat and for some reason losing football clubs.
Get to know Bjarke better

Bolette Kern Profile Picture

Bolette Kern
Digital Experience Product Owner (DXPO)
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Product dev enthusiasts. Bridge-builder. The non-techie glue that binds the DXP Group.
Non-Umbraco me:Heavy metal fan. Crazy knitting novice. Earing collector. Mother of Bodil and Ubbe.

profile pic abdul

Abdulaziz Al Otaibi
Senior Technical Support Specialist

Umbraco me:
Happy and friendly webdeveloper ready for anything to come
Non-Umbraco me:
Caffein lover(Coffee and Monster), fitness dabbler and gamer, anime watcher, and The Office addict.
Get to know Abdulaziz a little better

kenn pic

Kenn Jacobsen
Senior Software Developer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Caffeine-fueled CMS core developer, usually sporting a big smile and a somewhat unruly beard
Non-Umbraco me: Family man, enthusiastic DIY person, on rare occasions spotted in the wild with a banjo in hand.
Get to know Kenn a little better

shanice profile pic

Shanice Dougan
WCM or Word and Content Mechanic
Team: COMA 

Umbraco me: Clever communicator, latte provider, walking thesaurus. 
Non-Umbraco me: Ivory tickler, lover of Austen novels and Disney obsessed
Get to know Shanice a little better


dennis profile pic

Dennis Aaen
Support Warrior
Team: S.W.A.T. 

Umbraco me: Experienced Umbracian. Customer savior. Twice Umbraco MVP nominated.
Non-Umbraco me: Hangs out with friends. Music lover. Dedicated football watcher.

IMG 20210610 114335 Bokeh

Ronald Barendse
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Remote enthusiast, clean code advocate and developing new features for the CMS, Forms and Deploy packages.
Non-Umbraco me: Always in for new adventures, creating things (DIY/thinkering) and spending time with the family.

Get to know Ronald a little better

jesper profile pic

Jesper Madsen
Friendly Feature Coder
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Help making improvements to the portal, while absorbing knowledge from great colleagues.
Non-Umbraco me: Walking enthusiast, LEGO collector and builder, occasional Singstar singer
Get to know Jesper better

Halldór Hólm Kristinsson Lyngmo

Halldór Hólm Kristinsson Lyngmo
QA & Support Engineer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Problem solver and sporadically a crazy viking. 
Non-Umbraco me: Burger master with a fetish for bacon.
Get to know Halldór a little better

hjalte profile pic

Hjalte Daniel Hansen
Senior Solutions Engineer
Team: The Suits 

Umbraco me: Friendly Solutions Engineer, empowering our customers to change the world with Umbraco and Cloud.
Non-Umbraco me: World traveler (especially in Central and Eastern Europe), amateur cook and specialty coffee lover.
Get to know Hjalte a little better

elitsa profile picture

Elitsa Marinovska
CMS Developer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Code jockey. IT Security devotee. Co-hostess of “The Danish Baking Show.”
Non-Umbraco me: LA and Ballroom dancer. H2O lover. Fruit hunter.
Get to know Elitsa a little better

michaela profile pic

Michaela Medvedova
Marketing Distribution Specialist
Team: Growth

Umbraco me: Social media and email technical setup & growth. Optimizing (not only) content delivery processes.
Non-Umbraco me: Pub quiz enthusiast. Misguided karaoke lover. Loud sneezer.
Get to know Michaela a little better

Niels Lyngsø

Niels Lyngsø
UI/UX Engineer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Editor Ambassador. UX thinker & UI Developer.
Non-Umbraco me: Handcraftsman & gardener. Sci-Fi lover. Hygge-onkel (Danish for cozy-person).
Get to know Niels a little better

Mike Profile Photo V1

Mike Pedersen
Partner Manager Team Lead
Team: The Suits 

Umbraco me: Friendly Partner relationship builder. Sales Specialist. Umbraco Cloud Advocate.

Non-Umbraco me: Retired sports athlete and enthusiast (anything that includes a ball! 😁). Down to earth. 2 sons. Countryside house admirer.
Get to know Mike a little better

lars profile picture

Lars Skjold Iversen
Growth Director
Team: Growth

Umbraco me: Online Hide & Seek Champion. Data visualiser.
Non-Umbraco me: Sports fan (all the way from 180 to Touchdown). Board game enthusiast. Happy beer drinker.
Get to know Lars a little better

profile pic Anders1

Anders Havgaard Ladefoged
International Sales Manager
Team: The Suits

Umbraco me: Friendly Sales relationship-builder. Sales Specialist. Umbraco support programs.
Non-Umbraco me: Happy Father of 2 boys and 1 girl, and a sports nerd, always competing against myself. Friendly and social.
Get to know Anders a little better

ozge profile pic
Özge Yaşayan
Cloud Developer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me:
Cloud Core team student helper trying to navigate through the codebase.
Non-Umbraco me: Cat lover, linguistics-obsessed knitter.
tvede profile pic

Christian Tvede
VP People, Love and Culture 
Team: PLC

Umbraco me: Always in search of talent and available for a coffee. Wanting you to be successful and happy at Umbraco HQ.
Non-Umbraco me: Captain of the local bicycle group. Stand Up Paddleboarder, Meditator. 
Get to know Christian a little better.

steffie profile pic

Steffie Limère Fugl
Head of events

Umbraco me:
Leading the events team, spreading Umbraco to the world through events.
Non-Umbraco me:
Twin mom of identical girls with a passion for Belgian chocolate, travel, Lasertag, FOOD and the Camino de Santiago.
Get to know Steffie a little better

pernille profile pic

Pernille Stausbøll
Heartcore Marketing Champion
Team: COMA 

Umbraco me: Commercial Heartcore master. Headless research. Awareness builder. Optimizing customer journey.
Non-Umbraco me: Love to travel. Great coffee and flowers make me happy. Wife & mother of two.
Get to know Pernille a little better

Adriana Arnold

Adriana Arnold-Grade
Finance Manager
Team: Fish Tank 

Umbraco me: Accounting and finance professional. Structured and precise.
Non-Umbraco me: Baking enthusiast. Hopelessly in love with animals and nature.

Get to know Adriana a little better

Rasmus John Pedersen

Rasmus John Pedersen
Full-stack Developer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Headless developer. Longtime Umbraco developer and advocate.
Non-Umbraco me: (Bad) movie lover. Casual gamer. Tinkerer.

Ana-Maria Ajudelui

Ana-Maria Larsen
Revenue Operations Specialist
Team: Growth

Umbraco me:Driving Revenue Growth and Efficiency through CRM, Business Intelligence, and Automation
Non-Umbraco me:Passionate about travelling, shopping and good food. Love my cute and fluffy Japanese Spitz dog.
Get to know Ana a little better

profile pic jacob

Jacob Overgaard
Frontend Team Lead & Architect
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: The friendly remote coder and team leader.
Non-Umbraco me: Movie watcher, whisky drinker, gamer enthusiast, wannabe pianist, happy father & husband.
Get to know Jacob a little better

Jonathan Pabst Klemensen

Jonathan Pabst Klemensen
Documentarian and youtuber
Team: S.W.A.T. 

Umbraco me: Almost 100 NPS. Not a coffee drinker.
Non-Umbraco me: 
Beer-drinking volleyball player. History/movie enthusiast. Part-time gamer.
Get to know Jonathan a little better


André Søndergaard
Support Warrior
Team: S.W.A.T. 

Umbraco me: Your friendly neighbourhood and support warrrior
Non-Umbraco me: Gaming, programming and martial arts - also maybe the baron of Langeland.
Get to know André a little better

profile pic Arnold

Arnold Visser
Partner Manager/Umbraco Advocate
Team: The Suits 

Umbraco me: SUIT with agency/developer background, Using Umbraco since at least 2006, Umbraco Advocate even before I started here.
Non-Umbraco me: Big Green Egg BBQ enthousiast, Casual Nintendo gamer, Father of 2 daughters.
Get to know Arnold a little better

8F8C9992 2

Bryan O'Fiesh
Partner Manager
Team: The Suits

Umbraco me: Building friendly relationships with our Umbraco partners.
Non-Umbraco me: Washington DC sports fan, outdoor activity enthusiast and of course The Office.
Get to know Bryan a little better

profile pic Sez

Sezgin Sahin
Cloud Developer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Avid programmer. Cloud apprentice. The Ottoman Viking.
Non-Umbraco me: Lazy former athlete. Emotionless affectionate guy. Dog and cat enthusiast. Tabletop game fan.
Get to know Sezgin a little better

Martin Humlund Clausen

Martin Humlund Clausen
Kickass Developer
Team: Product and Engineering 

Umbraco me: Cloud-minded dreamer. High five dispensing team supporter.
Non-Umbraco me: King of high-velocity exercise schemes. Diver and adventurer. Spare time nerd and coffee drinking enthusiast.
Get to know Martin a little better

rasmus profile pic

Rasmus Burich
Support Warrior
Team: S.W.A.T. 

Umbraco me: Apprentice in Umbraco magic and wizardry.
Non-Umbraco me:
Father, gamer, crypto- and fitness enthusiast.

profile pic alina

Alina Magdalena Tincas
Documentarian and Umbraco Youtuber
Team: S.W.A.T. 

Umbraco me: Curious, friendly, helpful.
Non-Umbraco me:
Creating digital illustrations, watching series, playing games and taking pictures.
Get to know Alina a little better

andreas profile pic

Andreas Zerbst
QA Engineer Intern
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Friendly QA Engineer Intern.
Non-Umbraco me: Coffee Enjoyer, Audiobook nerd and Gamer who occasionally enjoys doing sports.
Get to know Andreas a little better

paul profile picture

Paul Hogan
Business Development Representative
Team: Umbraco US, Frontline Sales

Umbraco me: Leading Outbound, Booking Demos, helping to grow US Market.
Non-Umbraco me: Father, husband, Football/Soccer fanatic, Loves to Cook/Bake, Fitness enthusiast.

profile pic jake

Jake Compton
Partner Sales Manager
Team: The Suits 

Umbraco me: Friendly Partner Manager, The American sales guy, portrayer of value. 
Non-Umbraco me: Outdoorsman, Die hard American Football fan, Fisherman, Beer lover, husband, DIYer. 
Get to know Jake a little better

filip profile pic

Filip Bruun Bech-Larsen
Umbraco CTO
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Passionate about Product and People. CMS ambassador. Community lover!
Non-Umbraco me: Road bike enthusiast. Fossball connoisseur. Father and husband.
Get to know Filip a little better

profile pic Nikolaj L

Nikolaj Lauridsen
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Core dev in training. 
Non-Umbraco me: Amateur cook, Gamer, Fan of all things racing.
Get to know Nikolaj a little better

frederik profile pic

Frederik Klerens
Partner Manager
Team: The Suits 

Umbraco me: Helping partners excel with Umbraco.
Non-Umbraco me: The running guitar player.
Get to know Frederik a little better

profile pic jette

Jette Møller Jensen
Senior Technical Support Specialist
Team: S.W.A.T.

Umbraco me: Friendly Support Warrior with Coffee in hand
Non-Umbraco me:
Positive and smiley casual gamer with a tendency to binge series or crochet for hours - also a big fan of Kirby.
Get to know Jette a little better

Kenni Holm

Kenni Holm
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Cloud learner. Friendly neighborhood programmer.
Non-Umbraco me: Game lover. Beer admirer. Cooking dabbler.
Get to know Kenni a little better

marina profile pic

Marina Salvador
Software Developer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Changing the world through learning one step at the time
Non-Umbraco me:
 Contemplating life and the challenge of deciding what defines me
Get to know Marina a little better

marie louise profile pic

Marie-Louise Nielsen
Experienced event coordinator
Team: COMA 

Umbraco me: Celebration buddy. All time communicator. Enthusiastic organizer
Non-Umbraco me: Proud cat owner of Molly. Island girl. Rhythm lover.

Wojciech Wrobel

Wojciech Wróbel
Web Developer
Team: COMA 

Umbraco me: The friendly support developer who is always happy to help.
Non-Umbraco me: Motorcyclist, electronics and DIY fan. Happy father to one son and two dogs.
Get to know Wojciech a little better

profile pic Cma

Christoffer Magnussen
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Value driven developer fooling computers and myself. Fast feedback aficionado.
Non-Umbraco me: Family, friends and football. Sports, sprits, snow and sun.
Get to know Christoffer a little better

mikkel profile pic

Mikkel Holck Madsen
Umbraco Cloud Mastermind
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Developer of things. CCO - Chief Coffee Officer.
Non-Umbraco me: Father & husband. Coder. Learner. Beer lover. Wannabe Lego collector.

Andy Butland

Andy Butland
Senior .NET Developer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Core team developer, commercial products lead and community packages steward
Non-Umbraco me: Dad, husband, cyclist, bass player and recent chess addict
Get to know Andy a little better


Rasmus Kristensen
SWAT Apprentice 
Team: S.W.A.T. 

Umbraco me: The freindly intern youngster.
Non-Umbraco me: Fitness, music, sport, and code lover.
Get to know Rasmus a little better

Rune 1 (1)

Rune Strand
Product Communications Producer
Team: COMA 

Umbraco me: Product communicator and enthusiast. API aficionado. Recovering karaoke singer.
Non-Umbraco me: Pourover coffee brewing enthusiast. IPA aficionado. Recovering gamer.
Get to know Rune a little better

julia pic

Julia Gruszczynska
Frontend programmer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Frontend team apprentice, knowledge hungry UI tinkerer
Non-Umbraco me: Dog owner, ambitious chef, couch potato.
Get to know Julia a little better

Jakob Nawrocki

Jakob Nawrocki
Umbraco Coach and Cloud Counsellor
Team: S.W.A.T. 

Umbraco me:
 S.W.A.T. front-liner. Ambitious one. Happy to help others.
Non-Umbraco me: 
Movie lover. Hawaiian shirt collector. Creative but lazy.
Get to know Jakob a little better

profile pic krystof

Kryštof Červenka
Cloud Consultant
Team: The Suits

Umbraco me: Cloud activator, a friendly counsellor on your Umbraco Cloud journey.
Non-Umbraco me: A big travel enthusiast (or a wanna be during corona), lover of food and beer from all around the globe, amateur but excited chess player.
Get to know Kryštof a little better


Vu Nguyen Le Thiet
Site Reliability Engineer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: I am a part of the SRE team, ensuring the reliability of systems.
Non-Umbraco me: Martial art and a gamer.

niels christian profile pic

Niels Christian Laursen
Digital Marketing Manager
Team: Growth

Umbraco me: Digital Experience Promoter (DXP) and creator of friendly online experiences
Non-Umbraco me: Amateur cook and homebrewer, gardener, 3D printing enthusiast and the baron from Jutland.
Get to know Niels a little better


Sebastiaan Janssen
Head of PR (Pull Requests)
Team: DevRel

Umbraco me: Umbraco Core nerd and community steward. Chief Tinfoil Hat Officer.
Non-Umbraco me: Beer geek (and amateur brewer). Audiobook and podcast addict. Loves live music. A bit of a science nerd.

np pic

Niels Peter Vikkelsøe
Team: Fish Tank 

Umbraco me: Financial detective and helper of administrative tasks.
Non-Umbraco me: A craft beer drinking death-diver and gymnast.


Rheannon500x500 (1)

Rheannon Lefever
Training Team Lead
Team: S.W.A.T. 

Umbraco me: Support Warrior from Outer Space. Breaker of things. Wannabe Umbraco TV celeb and trainer.
Non-Umbraco me: Orbiting around Earth. Writing a daily Captain's Log. Meditating. Obtaining pilot's license.


Mads Rasmussen
Senior Front-End Developer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Frontend developer with focus on the user and developer experience
Non-Umbraco me: Father of 3, food lover, ex-hobby-electro-musician still hoping to find the time to play more music.
Get to know Mads a little better

lasse profile pic

Lasse Fredslund
CMS Product Owner
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Product Owner in the CMS Group
Non-Umbraco me: Ball-obsessed sports fan who relaxes by playing music and experimenting with tech projects.
Get to know Lasse a little better

Tony headshot

Antony (Tony) Meyn
BlackOps Team Lead
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Provide friendly support & Passionate about enhancing software development as a team sport.
Non-Umbraco me: Wannabe padel tennis player who loves to experience living in different parts of the world.
Get to know Tony a little better

anders profile pic

Anders Reus Hansen
Support Warrior

Umbraco me: Turning my own confusion into technical support.
Non-Umbraco me:
Father, football, weightlifting, video games and GGMU.<3
Get to know Anders Reus a little better

Profile pic Adrian

Adrian Cojocariu
DXP, Lead Integration Engineer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Umbraco-hyped rookie and engineer, working on building the best tech ecosystem around Umbraco.
Non-Umbraco me: History buff, board game fan, movie lover, seasoned explorer and family man.
Get to know Adrian a little better

Soren headshot

Søren Aamand Jørgensen
Product Owner
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Friendly product owner for Umbraco Cloud features.
Non-Umbraco me: Happy father of 2, sports geek and collector of arthouse movies.
Get to know Søren a little better


profile pic nikolaj

Nikolaj Geisle
Core CMS Developer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Core team developer and lost in the code.
Non-Umbraco me: Videogames nerd, student, amateur chef.
Get to know Nikolaj a little better

Catalina picture
Catalina Manduta
Support Warrior and Troubleshooter
Team: S.W.A.T.

Umbraco me: Committed support enthusiast. Joyful helper. Tech lover.
Non-Umbraco me:
Passionate about DIY projects. Dog lover. Plants collector. Audiobooks fan.

annivu profile pic
Anni Minh Vu
Team: Fish Tank

Umbraco me: Financial and Data Magician.
Non-Umbraco me:
Makeup and music playlist hoarder, Crocheting, Recreational runner.

profile pic jordan
Jordan McFarlane
Heartcore Technical Team Lead
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Equal part developer and wrangler of headless chickens.
Non-Umbraco me:
Travel enthusiast, metalhead, board game addict, and all-around nerd.

nicole profile pic
Nicole Buys
Senior Customer Support Warrior
Team: S.W.A.T.

Umbraco me: Having the time of my life slaying bugs with you! CMS, Heartcore or Cloud? I got you.
Non-Umbraco me:
Eclectic Bookworm (Austen, Roxane Gay, N.K. Jemisin are among my favs), crafty creative, and a lyric obsessor!

profile picture Matt
Matt Brailsford
Commerce Technical Team Lead
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Commerce champion. Public speaker. The last full stack developer.
Non-Umbraco me:
Electronics tinkerer. 80s child at heart. Official dog ball thrower.

profile pic Lucy
Lucy Brailsford
Community Content Co-ordinator

Umbraco me: A keen advocate for improving all things community. CODECABIN head chef.
Non-Umbraco me:
An interior design and styling-obsessed Cockapoo mum from Yorkshire.

jamie profile pic
Jamie Robson
Senior Platform Developer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Cloud knower-abouter. Platform developer. Yellow keyboard guy.
Non-Umbraco me:
 Family man. Woodworker. D&D dungeon master. Climber. Guitar player. Occasional whiskey drinker.


Colin Erickson
Business Development Representative
Team: COMA 

Umbraco me: Email marketing, social media coordinator, demo booker & avid contributor of lunch committee.
Non-Umbraco me: Fashion enjoyer. Sneaker collector. Aesthetic creator & lifter of heavy circles!

Neal picture
Neal Lemon
SWAT team member
Team: S.W.A.T.

Umbraco me: Enjoyer of Snapple
Non-Umbraco me:
Hardcore gamer and hike

profile pic laerke
Lærke Cecilie Rosenkvist Vinther
Event coordinator
Team: COMA 

Umbraco me: Supporting the event team for this year's Codegarden Week.
Non-Umbraco me:
Love to travel and hike. I practice my badminton skills once a week.

Profile pic Jey
Jeyhun Yagublu
Junior Security Engineer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Magnet Courier, Friendly Security Guy.
Non-Umbraco me:
Language and Geography enthusiast, Nomad.

profile pic lotte

Lotte Pitcher
Community Cultivator
Team: DevRel 

Umbraco me: Passionate advocate for all things community. 
Non-Umbraco me: Padel improver and occasional ukulele strummer.

profile pic jose
Jose J. Fernández
Cloud Feature Team Lead
Team:  Product and Engineering - Cloud Feature

Umbraco me: I write people and work with code. Or maybe the other way around.
Non-Umbraco me:
Passionate teacher. Professional relaxer. Non-stop thinker. New-ish to cycling.

profile pic Sven
Sven Geusens
Senior Developer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: Community bred team supporter and tasty treat dispenser.
Non-Umbraco me:
Gamer, ex chocolatier, pro hobby cook, Calisthenics enthusiast, fab lab lover.

profile pic Adam
Adam Bateson
Friendly USA VP
Team: Umbraco US

Umbraco me: Friend making. US Growth.
Non-Umbraco me:
Wife + 3 kids, dogs, sci-fi, skiing, travel, gardening, heavy metal, cooking, investing, and watching sports.

profile pic nathan
Nathan Woulfe
Lead Developer on Umbraco Workflow
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: DXP fan building commercial things. Team Australia.
Non-Umbraco me:
Guitar player/collector, beer brewer, life-long All Blacks supporter, father of two, husband of one.

profile pic Jonasp

Jonas Thykjær Poulsen
Tech Partner Manager
Team: The Suits 

Umbraco me: Partnership believer & relationship builder.
Non-Umbraco me: In all humbleness the finest Fisherman in Umbraco. I love outdoor activities, nature and whisky.

johnny profile pic

Johnny Kristensen
VP Sales Europe
Team: The Suits 

Umbraco me: 1, 14 and 100. Manager of Friend Makers and Unicorns.
Non-Umbraco me: Dad, Wine, Travel, Nature, Music, Friends & Family

daniela profile pic

Daniela Rosenkilde
Financial Controller
Team: Fish Tank

Umbraco me: Huge Excel devotee and among other things master of ESG calculations.
Non-Umbraco me: Friendly and festive mother of two.

Dinh profile pic
Dinh Tran
DXP Developer
Team: Product and Engineering

Umbraco me: I help add topping to Umbraco CMS.
Non-Umbraco me:
I'm a father of two, an occasional photographer, a weeb and a veteran gamer. 

alec profile pic

Alec Steene
Business Development Representative
Team: Umbraco US, Frontline Sales

Umbraco me: BDR intern, developing outbound campaigns and working with students to build Umbraco awareness.
Non-Umbraco me: Student, Coffee Drinker.

emil lundblad profile pic

Emil Lundblad
Data Specialist
Team: Growth

Umbraco me: Spreadsheet warrior and Coffee addict.
Non-Umbraco me: Film connoisseur, reality tv lover, hypotrophy Chaser.


Christoffer Nobel
Junior Revenue Officer
Team: Fish Tank

Umbraco me: Working with financial data and excelling in Excel.
Non-Umbraco me: Coffee enthusiast and a keen badminton player.

Gustav Lagercrantz

Gustav Lagercrantz
Umbraco Board Member, Monterro

Monterro me: Long time entrepreneur (founded first software company at age of 16), creating structures for growth, passionate about sales

Non-Monterro me: Outdoor activities, wannabe tennis-pro, brilliant sleeper

Martin Henricson

Martin Henricson
Umbraco Board Member, Monterro

Monterro me: Focused, result-oriented, people

Non-Monterro me: Bowie fan, night owl, husband & father

Pauline Daremark

Pauline Daremark
Umbraco Board Member, Monterro

Monterro me: slide creator, in charge of the office's tea assortment, checklist-aholic

Non-Monterro me: travel nerd, chocolate lover, addicted to Google maps' rating feature

Per Ivansson

Per Ivansson
Umbraco Board Member, Monterro

Monterro me: Determined, grumpy, humorous

Non-Monterro: Chess addict, handyman, soccer dad

Youtse Sung.400X400

Youtse Sung
Umbraco Board Member, Monterro

Outpost24 me: Marketing chief, sales-minder and the voice of customer
Non-Outpost24 me: Long walks with imaginary dogs (I don’t have one), un-domestic goddess at home

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